Divisions of A-Plus-Consulting include A-Plus Apprentice and A-Plus Signs

  • A-Plus Apprentice provides human resources consulting, training and matches employers with special needs trainees
  • A-Plus Signs handles signage for general contractors in the construction industry

Besides adhering to specifications, you will find us to be good listeners and good partners. With numerous offerings to choose from, the likelihood of finding the right solution is great

What our customers are saying

“I met Helena at Onswipe’s new product launch event at Soho House as I was encouraging our guests to attend a post-launch networking gathering. She was rushing to another event at New York University, but gave me her card, and agreed to touch base. When she emailed me about a week later, she shared an insightful and supportive posting she published about Onswipe’s event. I immediately thought she would be a perfect consultant for the marketing project I was working on at Onswipe as an MBA student. Having completed an MBA degree herself, Helena was instrumental in developing the framework I used to identify specific target segments and create a re-positioning strategy. She was also generous in sharing industry knowledge and contacts to push forward my marketing project. I highly recommend Helena as a marketing consultant for any technology firm in its growth stage looking to maximize value for their customers.”

Andrea Wong, Managing Director, One Race Global Film Foundation

“Helena is a driven person, engaged in entrepreneurship. She is always networking finding valued connections. She would add value to any team she is on.”

Michael Liguori, CEO and Founder, What Are Minds For, Inc.

“Helena is a focused professional that pays great attention to details. She has a memory that serves her consulting platform quite well. When we became acquainted, our firm needed a marketing specialist to help guide our marketing initiative. She was immediately able to connect us to a very able and qualified young professional. We have continued to successfully work with the professional. Much Thanks Helena.”

Emmanuel Esochaghi, Managing Director, VeraDaniel & Company

Success Story One

Following the end of the Space Shuttle program, NASA faced both local and national strategic communications challenges as the future of space exploration remained in question. Leveraging our understanding of NASA and use of social media, A-Plus-Consulting LLC provided strategic communications campaign support for NASA during the Vertical Assembly Center (VAC) unveiling at Michoud Assembly Facility. Working with NASA leadership, MSFC management team, and elected state and local officials, we used our understanding of NASA objectives, key economic impacts, benefits to the local MAC workforce and overall significance to the future of the space program at MSFC to target specific strategic messages. We developed media releases aimed at government, contractor and local populations using social media to convey the desired NASA messages across a wide range of scientific and technical media outlets.

Success Story Two

CARE4D focuses on enhancing education by integrating cutting edge technology with robust reality education content. CARE4D has developed a full K-8 Mathematics and English Language Arts program aligned to the Common Core State Standards (CCSS) that include assignments, assessments (formative and cumulative) with answer keys. The CARE4D app (available om iOS and Google Play) allows for common core educational content to be utilized in any learning environment including classrooms and home schooling in providing engaging methods to topics in education, 3D labs, AR based video instruction, as well as hybrid methods for educational publishers. CARE4D created fully animated lessons for each strand of the CCSS that highlight and reinforce the core concepts and academic vocabulary taught within that standard.

Using the augmented reality CARE4D app, students scan the target image provided on each of the assignments and the lesson then streams directly to the device reducing costs for materials and technology while nearly eliminating the traditional facilities for learning.

Using this model as a basis, A-Plus-Consulting LLC introduced CARE4D CCSS content to a private school in Long Island, NY assisting students with engagement and retention of curriculum content.

Success Story Three