The Registered Apprenticeship program is our venture that matches high school students (18-21 years old) diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) with appropriate employers for apprenticeships.

As of this date, we have recruited 50 students for the pioneering A-Plus Apprentice program which customizes curricula based on student skills. Our first concentrations will be in graphic design, illustrator and e-commerce specialist roles, with more to follow.

The benefits for employers in the state include gaining highly skilled employees, reducing turnover costs, increasing retention, improving productivity, and gaining even more workforce diversity. The Boggs Center at Rutgers University partners with us to provide training for employers to understand hiring and employing people with disabilities.

The benefits for apprentices include increased skills, higher wages, nationally recognized credentials and greater career advancement. 

Our instructors give 144 hours of related technical instruction, and apprentices work 2000 hours per year or a hybrid of hours and competency. Each apprentice earns a nationally-recognized credential upon completion of the program.

Our program will provide an inflow of new employees for the employers, while they do good by turning the apprentices’ employment hopes into reality.

A-Plus Apprentice is a division of A-Plus-Consulting LLC which is a licensed consulting/temporary hire firm, certified by the state of New Jersey as Women and Small Business Enterprise (WBE; SBE) for full service Human Resources Consulting and Training. At the federal level, we are Woman-Owned (WOSB) and Economically Disadvantaged Woman-Owned Small Business concern (EDWOSB) certified and registered to conduct business in NJ, NY, AL, CA (dba as A-Plus Strategy LLC).

Federal contractors are required to hire people with disabilities, hence our vision focuses on the high unmet need for educating special needs students and placing them where people with disabilities can thrive.

Leadership with Darrell W. Gunter on 89.5 FM WSOU

American History High School and Autism

Principle Bryan Olkowski, Special needs educator, Susan Carbora and Helena van der Merwe of A-Plus-Consulting LLC talk about how American History High School works hand in hand with autism students to help them to prepare for life beyond the classroom.

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